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iDon’t Care

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Here is a funny parody on the Droid commercial!


Written by wirebear

December 16, 2009 at 12:44 pm

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Pic of the Day: iPhone Knock-Off to Run Windows Mobile

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Do you think this is what Steve Jobs' nightmares look like?

John Brownlee at reports that a Chinese iPhone Knock-Off (iPhone C6) will run Windows Mobile 6.1.

Written by wirebear

November 17, 2009 at 2:57 pm

iPhone Jailbreak Community

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George Hotz

George Hotz's self-portrait, he was the first to unlock the iPhone. Image credit: George Hotz

So is jailbreaking your iPhone everything hackers claim it to be?  Does anybody else get the feeling that these hackers have a clouded sense of reality?  That Apple somehow owes them something.

Brian X. Chen with Wired goes into the life of a hacker in his article Jailbreak Community Battles Apple for Control of iPhone. In the article, George Hotz the first to unlock the iPhone is portrayed as being a little pretentious.  At one point, Hotz doubts if a security expert could block his efforts.  What really tops it all off is the image in his Blackra1n software (used to hack the iPhone) that displays a photo of Hotz styled as an angel from a Caravaggio painting.   Really an angel!

If Apple wanted to make an iPhone that only had apps that featured cute pictures of animals, they have every right to do that.  If they want to block Google Voice they can do that.  In the end is it smart?  Hard to say, but Apple is where they are at by making some sound business decisions over the years.

What else is funny to me is that the complaint jailbreakers often use for unlocking their phones is AT&T.  So by unlocking your phone and letting apps run that might very well slow down the network is going to make things better? I would have to imagine that a lot of these relegated apps cause huge problems with AT&T and might be the real reason they don’t ever get approved.

Don’t get me wrong, hackers have their place.  They keep software companies honest and help move technology forward on occasion.  The better hackers are highly intelligent and are usually excellent programmers.  It would just make me feel better about them if they didn’t all have delusions of grandeur!

Written by wirebear

November 13, 2009 at 2:14 pm

The Shack to Sell iPhone

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The Shack to Sell iPhone

In August Radio Shack announced that it was changing its name to “The Shack”, as it sheds its old image and tries to present a new brand image as it is directing more of its resources to selling wireless products.  Part of that new image obviously will involve the iPhone as W. David Gardner of InformationWeek today reported that Radio Shack to Sell iPhone.

Radio Shack’s stock jumped 14% on news of the iPhone deal Monday.

I always thought that a one stop wireless shop would be a good business idea.  The store could sell cellular phones, wireless routers and other wireless products.  I know stores like Walmart and BestBuy already sell all these types of products, but lets not pretend they are experts in the field.  That and their selection seems to be very limited.

I wonder if “The Shack’s” new business model is something similar to my one stop shop idea for wireless products.  It would be nice to walk into one store and get a neutral expert opinion on all the different wireless services.

The other thing I like about the news is that investors are still loving smartphones and the iPhone in particular. Hopefully, Radio Shack can use the positive news to again become relevant.

Written by wirebear

November 10, 2009 at 7:43 pm

The Average iPhone App

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I had a thought today after reviewing on iTunes Connect the amount of downloads our apps have produced.  I thought to myself – not bad, but I wonder how that stacks up with other developers.

I didn’t run across with any certainty what the average iPhone app produces, however Nicholas Lovell over at GAMESbrief noted the average around 25,000 downloads per app.  While helpful this information doesn’t really tell the whole story.  Some apps hardly have any downloads and others have tons.  Nicholas commented that a median would be more helpful in figuring this out.

One of his astute readers, Luke Halliwell, commented that by plugging the data into a formula (Zipf’s law) that he derived the median was probably closer to 4000 downloads per app.

What would be real interesting is removing the free apps from the equation.  Then trying to figure out where these paid apps are setting their price.

Just for giggles, suppose that by removing the free apps you get about 2000 downloads per paid app and lets suppose they sale for a price of $1.99.  That means your average iPhone app profits about $2800.

Of course what would be really helpful, instead of the speculation is if Apple just gave us the information!

Written by wirebear

October 28, 2009 at 8:09 pm

Android vs. iPhone

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Can Android beat out the iPhone?

Call today the calm before the storm. Chris Ziegler at EnGadget Mobile believes that on October 28 the new Droid phone will be unveiled.  Verizon Wireless is claiming it as the “must-have device of the year”.  For Google’s sake this statement better be correct.

If the new Droid phone doesn’t stack up to the iPhone, it is going to be an uphill battle from here forward.  The iPhone is already leaps and bounds in front of any other competitor.  Every other platform at this point is playing catch up, due in large part to the Apple App Store.  Currently a lot of smartphone developers are simply saying “iDon’t” care about the other platforms because of the lack of a decent app store.

I personally think that there is room for several different platforms and welcome the variety.  I think that the key for Android is to find its niche in the market place.  What is that niche?  That is up to the brain power at Google to find out.

I think one of the more interesting underlying stories in the whole Android vs. iPhone story is the companies behind the platforms, Google and Apple.  Several years back both companies were seen as the sexy alternative to Microsoft products.

I sense a paradigm shift on the horizon.

I feel that in a way it is almost becoming “uncool” to like Google and Apple, kind of like it was (or is) to be a Microsoft advocate.  Sure people still hate Microsoft, but lately all the tech blogs are talking about the frosty relationship between Apple and their developers.  This is something you definitely would not have seen a couple years back.

The rest of the year should be interesting for the smartphone world.  My feeling is what happens over the next several months will clearly define the direction every smartphone developer will have to take.  If the Android “does” get the job done, then it will force Apple to take the next shot and step it up with the release of their next iPhone.

In the end, the consumer will definitely benefit!

Written by wirebear

October 27, 2009 at 4:46 pm