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Google Nexus One

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This was on the G4 network several weeks back speculating on the Google Nexus One.  I always like watching these types of videos after the phone has been released to see how close the expert’s get to their forecast.


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January 6, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Around the Handy: Recent Smartphone News

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iPhone jailbreakers in the Netherlands get their just deserts. The Worm Has Turned: iPhone Exploit Gets Nasty.

Two is better than one.  New iPhone Ads Stick Up for AT&T.

Combining Chrome OS With Android Looks Like Google’s Endgame. Maybe Google really wants to be more like Microsoft rather than Apple after all!

Everyday it looks more likely that the iPhone and Android based phones will rule the mobile market. iPhone And Android Dominate Mobile Web Browsing.

The Smartphone Wars, One Year Later. Interesting article reviewing the last year in the smartphone battle.

Dell Confirms Entrance Into Smartphone Arena

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Can Dell become a player in the smartphone arena?

Last Friday Dell confirmed plans to enter the smartphone arena and announced partnerships with two of the world’s largest mobile operators.

Dell plans on distributing its Mini 3 smartphone initially in only China and Brazil through China Mobile and Claro, respectively.  The phones where designed around Google’s Android platform.

“Our entry into the smart phone category is a logical extension of Dell’s consumer product evolution over the past two years,” said Ron Garriques, President, Dell Global Consumer Group. “We are developing smaller and smarter mobile products that enable our customers to take their internet experience out of the home and do the things they want to do whenever and wherever they want.“

Details on the phone models will be announced in late November when the devices become available in the stores.

There is no mention on when the phones will be available in other countries including the United States.  However it makes perfect sense to test the waters in less competitive markets.

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November 16, 2009 at 4:13 pm

Around the Handy: Recent Smartphone News

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Apple May Be Releasing a $99 iPhone 3GS Soon. Ed Hardy with reports that Apple is reportedly considering replacing the iPhone 3G in its lineup with a striped-down version of the newer iPhone 3GS.

100k apps: don’t complain, get a brain, and develop a marketing strategy thats insane(ly great).  Tapity is getting tired of the whining being done by unsuccessful developers.

Barbara Holbrook at AppCraver reviews the app Alien Glyphs.

Rene Ritchie with The iPhone Blog fills the rumor mill. Apple Making Smaller, CDMA-Compatible “World Phone” for Verizon, Launching Q3 2010?

Sang Tang with TUAW wonders how awesome it would be to swipe her iPhone at the gas station to pay for gas. RFID coming to iPhones?

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November 6, 2009 at 7:53 pm