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Google Voice on the iPhone?

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I read a very interesting article today on the future of  Google Voice and the iPhone.  I feel that this could be an allusion to the end of apps as we know it!  I don’t think apps will be going away anytime soon, however this probably signals a movement to a whole new approach of how apps are rendered and presented on mobile devices.


Written by wirebear

January 27, 2010 at 9:46 pm

Failing Forward

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John C. Maxwell, author of the book Failing Forward believes “the difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.”  In the book he takes a closer look at failure–and reveals that the secret of moving beyond failure is to use it as a lesson and a stepping-stone.

Most iPhone app developers should really learn the lesson of failing forward.  As we know not every app developer is currently relaxing on a  yacht discussing the millions they made in the App Store over cocktails and hors d’oeuvre.  It is hard to not get caught in the trap and blame your app’s lack of success on Apple or the buying public.

Every project has its hurdles and its failures.  The key is to minimize and learn from these mistakes.  Hindsight is of course 20/20, however there is no harm in taking a step back and giving a retrospective look at the recently completed project.  Often times after looking over the perceived failure you determine that if you had taken the other fork in the road, the consequences would have actually been much worse.  Other times you simply made the wrong decision.

The question of – How do you successfully take an iPhone app to market, can be answered by the veteran app developer much easier than your first timer.  For the veteran app developer the answer can be found in looking at the successes and failures of your past app.  Every app is different but the underlying philosophies are the same.

Just remember if your next app is a failure, jump back on that horse and give it another spin.  You already have a leg up on the competition as you already know what not to do!

Written by wirebear

November 9, 2009 at 2:10 pm

Android vs. iPhone

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Can Android beat out the iPhone?

Call today the calm before the storm. Chris Ziegler at EnGadget Mobile believes that on October 28 the new Droid phone will be unveiled.  Verizon Wireless is claiming it as the “must-have device of the year”.  For Google’s sake this statement better be correct.

If the new Droid phone doesn’t stack up to the iPhone, it is going to be an uphill battle from here forward.  The iPhone is already leaps and bounds in front of any other competitor.  Every other platform at this point is playing catch up, due in large part to the Apple App Store.  Currently a lot of smartphone developers are simply saying “iDon’t” care about the other platforms because of the lack of a decent app store.

I personally think that there is room for several different platforms and welcome the variety.  I think that the key for Android is to find its niche in the market place.  What is that niche?  That is up to the brain power at Google to find out.

I think one of the more interesting underlying stories in the whole Android vs. iPhone story is the companies behind the platforms, Google and Apple.  Several years back both companies were seen as the sexy alternative to Microsoft products.

I sense a paradigm shift on the horizon.

I feel that in a way it is almost becoming “uncool” to like Google and Apple, kind of like it was (or is) to be a Microsoft advocate.  Sure people still hate Microsoft, but lately all the tech blogs are talking about the frosty relationship between Apple and their developers.  This is something you definitely would not have seen a couple years back.

The rest of the year should be interesting for the smartphone world.  My feeling is what happens over the next several months will clearly define the direction every smartphone developer will have to take.  If the Android “does” get the job done, then it will force Apple to take the next shot and step it up with the release of their next iPhone.

In the end, the consumer will definitely benefit!

Written by wirebear

October 27, 2009 at 4:46 pm

The Missing Link?

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When we first decided to start building iPhone apps, the WireBear team looked through the internet and combed through the iTunes store.  We asked ourselves how could we become successful in this market?  Was the answer having great app ideas?  Or how about sleek designs?  Was it to do apps no one had thought of or improve on existing apps that missed the boat?  Maybe it was to use our expertise and help others?

After weeks of research and meetings, we decided that we needed to probably accomplish all of the above to be successful.  But something was missing!  It seemed other developers were doing some of the above items, but something just didn’t feel right in our research.

It became obvious after a while…the marketing aspect was missing on a lot of the apps.  Sure some companies were marketing their apps (i.e. Pizza Hut). The problem is a company like Pizza Hut can run a television ad because they have the money, however your average Joe the Developer doesn’t have the funds to market his latest creation.

We thought we figured it out!  We just need to market our apps and we will be successful.  I wish it was that easy.  The question has now become HOW do we market the apps without having the budget of a Pizza Hut.

I think the key to the whole strategy is a plan.  I read an article today at Tapity about his marketing plan for his “Make the Grade” app.  He is thinking about waiting several months to release the app for several reasons, one of which is to work on his marketing plan.  I can’t say if his strategy will work or won’t work, but I think he has the right idea – have a plan and stick to it!

Over the next several weeks we will let you know what marketing ploys have worked and which ones have not. However rest assured, the one thing to know is that we have a plan!

Written by wirebear

October 26, 2009 at 5:00 pm

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SportsBook: Pro Football Edition

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SportsBook: Pro Football Edition

SportsBook: Pro Football Edition

Finally!  After waiting several weeks in the review process, SportsBook: Pro Football Edition finally got approved for sale by Apple.   Luckily the app was approved on the first submittal.  Apps we have done in the past were not as fortunate, however those past experiences definitely gave us an advantage this time around.

One of our final decisions on the app was where to set the final price.  I do like how Apple has given their developers the ability to change the price on the fly.  This most likely will come in very handy with this particular app.

SportsBook: Pro Football Edition is not glamourous in the fact it can’t do a million different things.  However it is very functional in the sense that if you are looking for NFL scores, news and spread it definitely does the job.  We are considering expanding the app, however since the app went so long in the review process it took us a quarter of the way into the football season.  We are now considering to put the majority of our resources into one of several different apps that we currently have in development.

Written by wirebear

October 26, 2009 at 12:53 am

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