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The Future of Cell Phones

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Zach Morris Cell Phone (photo by Josh Dehonney)

I was watching a re-run of Saved by the Bell this morning that got me thinking about the future of cell phones.

Nowadays cell phones are sleek, fit into your pockets and are carried by everyone (heck even my elderly grandparents have one and they still haven’t figured out how to program their VCR).

The cell phones of today are a far cry from the brick Zack Morris carried through the halls of Bayside High in the early 90’s.

So where does this leave cell phones?  I envision a day where you reach into your pocket, pull out your cell phone and unfold it like a piece of paper.  Then you proceed to have a video conversation in one of the “windows”, while the other “window” you browse the internet or watch live TV.

I am not sure if the bottleneck will be on the network’s end or the hardware’s end, but either way they better hurry up as I would hate to miss my re-runs of Saved by the Bell while taking my kid to the park!


Written by wirebear

October 30, 2009 at 1:22 am