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SportsBook: Pro Football Edition

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SportsBook: Pro Football Edition

SportsBook: Pro Football Edition

Finally!  After waiting several weeks in the review process, SportsBook: Pro Football Edition finally got approved for sale by Apple.   Luckily the app was approved on the first submittal.  Apps we have done in the past were not as fortunate, however those past experiences definitely gave us an advantage this time around.

One of our final decisions on the app was where to set the final price.  I do like how Apple has given their developers the ability to change the price on the fly.  This most likely will come in very handy with this particular app.

SportsBook: Pro Football Edition is not glamourous in the fact it can’t do a million different things.  However it is very functional in the sense that if you are looking for NFL scores, news and spread it definitely does the job.  We are considering expanding the app, however since the app went so long in the review process it took us a quarter of the way into the football season.  We are now considering to put the majority of our resources into one of several different apps that we currently have in development.


Written by wirebear

October 26, 2009 at 12:53 am

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Playing the waiting game….

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Apple has said that most (95%) of the iPhone apps that are submitted for review are approved within 14 days.

Well I like to report that WireBear is one of the unlucky ones.  Our recent app Sportsbook: Pro Football Edition was submitted back on October 7th.  When you log into iTunes Connect to check the status, you get the dreaded “In Review” statement.  I am not going to pretend that I know how to fix the process, however there has to be a better way.  Right?

I know the process is irritating for us and all other iPhone developers.  All you have to do is check every iPhone Developer blog on the internet to know that much.  My main recommendation would be for a little more transparency with the process.  Heck even an update of, “We are too busy to look at your app, we will get to it later” would be better than “In Review”.

They say patience is a virtue.  Apple is doing their darndest to teach their developer’s a lesson in it!

Written by wirebear

October 23, 2009 at 8:12 pm