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Around the Handy: Recent Smartphone News

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Apple May Be Releasing a $99 iPhone 3GS Soon. Ed Hardy with reports that Apple is reportedly considering replacing the iPhone 3G in its lineup with a striped-down version of the newer iPhone 3GS.

100k apps: don’t complain, get a brain, and develop a marketing strategy thats insane(ly great).  Tapity is getting tired of the whining being done by unsuccessful developers.

Barbara Holbrook at AppCraver reviews the app Alien Glyphs.

Rene Ritchie with The iPhone Blog fills the rumor mill. Apple Making Smaller, CDMA-Compatible “World Phone” for Verizon, Launching Q3 2010?

Sang Tang with TUAW wonders how awesome it would be to swipe her iPhone at the gas station to pay for gas. RFID coming to iPhones?


Written by wirebear

November 6, 2009 at 7:53 pm

The Missing Link?

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When we first decided to start building iPhone apps, the WireBear team looked through the internet and combed through the iTunes store.  We asked ourselves how could we become successful in this market?  Was the answer having great app ideas?  Or how about sleek designs?  Was it to do apps no one had thought of or improve on existing apps that missed the boat?  Maybe it was to use our expertise and help others?

After weeks of research and meetings, we decided that we needed to probably accomplish all of the above to be successful.  But something was missing!  It seemed other developers were doing some of the above items, but something just didn’t feel right in our research.

It became obvious after a while…the marketing aspect was missing on a lot of the apps.  Sure some companies were marketing their apps (i.e. Pizza Hut). The problem is a company like Pizza Hut can run a television ad because they have the money, however your average Joe the Developer doesn’t have the funds to market his latest creation.

We thought we figured it out!  We just need to market our apps and we will be successful.  I wish it was that easy.  The question has now become HOW do we market the apps without having the budget of a Pizza Hut.

I think the key to the whole strategy is a plan.  I read an article today at Tapity about his marketing plan for his “Make the Grade” app.  He is thinking about waiting several months to release the app for several reasons, one of which is to work on his marketing plan.  I can’t say if his strategy will work or won’t work, but I think he has the right idea – have a plan and stick to it!

Over the next several weeks we will let you know what marketing ploys have worked and which ones have not. However rest assured, the one thing to know is that we have a plan!

Written by wirebear

October 26, 2009 at 5:00 pm

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